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Dyad Mentors guide motivated students through the university admissions process and help them develop the skills and network needed to launch an international career. Learn more about our mentors here.

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Dyad has a global impact. Digital mentorship has guided students in 22 countries. Our students can schedule consultations at their convenience and collaborate with mentors anytime, anywhere around the world.

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The Dyad Method has helped over 1,800 students like you.

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Our Results


Dyad has helped students earn over 27 million dollars in scholarships!


Scholars got into US Top 20 Schools


Scholars got into UK G5 Schools

Columbia University

70 Acceptances


  9 Acceptances

Oxford University

  8 Acceptances

University of Pennsylvania

22 Acceptances

Carnegie Mellon University

43 Acceptances

University of Chicago

  20 Acceptances


31 Acceptances

Stanford University

  8 Acceptances

John Hopkins University

29 Acceptances


  36 Acceptances


  9 Acceptances


  46 Acceptances

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