We began in 2012 as a business school project at Cambridge University where I was a masters student. From my dorm room I began working to connect students with mentors who could help them achieve their university admissions goals.

Since then, talented young people across the globe have asked us to think more broadly. What about careers? Personal and professional development? We are excited today to announce new service offerings to meet these needs!

Our core belief since the beginning was that every hard­working individual deserves a mentor. Four years later, we believe it even more strongly, as we’ve now reached millions in over 100 countries around the world. We are on a mission to provide mentorship for the motivated.

Today, we’re taking three big steps towards accomplishing this mission!

Introducing Dyad

Our new name is Dyad, the Latin word for consisting of two parts. To us, it represents the power of the mentee-mentor relationship. We have selected a compass as our new logo.

At Dyad, the compass symbolizes our personal journey of discovery. It signifies progress toward our goal with the confidence to set our sights beyond the horizon. The compass helps us find our True North for a purpose­driven life of meaning and fulfillment.

Dyad's compass signifies the importance of navigating life’s journey with the proper tools, information, and outlook.

The two hemispheres of the compass represent the mentee­mentor connection within a global context. We believe the right advice at the right time can be life changing by helping us find and follow our path.

At Dyad, we provide mentorship for talented and determined individuals intent on meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

Announcing Career Mentorship Services

Today, we are launching Dyad Careers. Thousands of students have asked us for career advice, and we're excited to introduce a formal offering to help both old and new clients discover their strengths, chart professional development goals and prepare for their job search. Dyad’s Mentors will also assist in brainstorming and editing cover letters and CV’s, while helping candidates navigate LinkedIn, networking and interview strategies.

We’re thrilled to play a pivotal role in the guidance of students towards the career of their dreams starting with university entrance and building all the way to expert career guidance.

Dyad’s New Investors

We’re very fortunate that we are supported on our journey by some of the world’s top VC investors. I’m excited to formally welcome 500 Startups and SOSventures onboard as Dyad’s newest investors! Both have funded extraordinary growth companies and will help us scale to become the impact­generating organization we envision.

Most importantly, We’re so grateful to have your support during this exciting new chapter! We exist to provide mentorship for the motivated so it’s a true honor to serve you.

It’s always day one. Let’s get started.


Greg Nance | 马千里

Dyad CEO