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Registration workshop before please visit ChaseFuture seniors from the University of Cambridge specially recorded video

Workshop Introduction

I believe that many students have passed public home became ChaseFuture friends.

ChaseFuture by the two Cambridge University graduates created . More than a year since its establishment, ChaseFuture from Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton, Yale and other world-class mentors elite has been successfully guiding hundreds of students enrolled dream school .

Last summer, ChaseFuture through the Internet opened a free workshop to guide students to write Personal Statement. Through selection, there are 300 students selected for the final workshop, and under the guidance of the successful completion of sister school seniors apply for study abroad.

But this year, ChaseFuture sister school seniors who want to start a little earlier guidance to students as a perfect study in the application and not just a good Personal Statement can be solved. Sister school seniors who want to choose the school from the background to enhance the early exchanges with professors, prepare application materials and other aspects of the instrument through a series of online courses to prepare students to apply guidance to students.

Workshop is free , places are limited, only 100 names

Workshop Registration Deadline: 2013 years 3 months 20 days

Workshop Registration Website: http://www.chasefuture.com/zh/activity

Workshop courses include

- Study Abroad Application requirements and Timeline
- Introduction to the Application Process and How to Stand out
- Strategies to get Excellent Recommendation letters and How to Build relationships with Professors and AO's at target Universities
- Finding the ideal summer Opportunity
- Strategies to boost extracurriculars: Leadership & service
- Western Style CV - Goal setting and Proven Methods
- Personal Statement - topic Brainstorms, smart themes, Essay drafting best practices
- Preparing for the admissions interview
- How to Land Financial aid and scholarships; Select the right university & program
- Putting the "finishing Touches" on your Application: updating the admissions Office
- Tips to make the MOST of your Study Abroad experience

Register Now ah classmates!

Registration Website: http://www.chasefuture.com/chasefuture_app/?s=Activity/index/