Building Your Network Part 2: Staying in Touch with Classmates

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Building Your Network Part 2: Staying in Touch with Classmates

In Building Your Network Part 1, I shared that your initial network will largely be composed of classmates and friends from school.

As you enter the professional world and build relationships with colleagues it’s important to stay in touch with classmates, the topic of today’s post. The truth is that after graduation it is difficult to keep in touch with buddies. I’m writing to share 5 tips that have helped me stay connected to classmates.

Use social media updates, posts, photos and messaging to share your journey.

What did you learn today? What are you reading? Share a cool picture you saw or an article that will be interesting for your friends. These little things can go a long way in keeping the conversation going.

Provide regular updates for close friends through a monthly or quarterly email update.

What's inspiring you? What are your goals? What are your challenges? Supportive friends can make a huge difference in setting and achieving big goals because sharing your thinking and progress can inspire collaboration and accountability.

Schedule conversations

Phone and Skype calls make the world feel like a smaller place. There is nothing like hearing a friend’s voice, no matter the physical distance between you. Plan ahead and schedule calls during evenings or a convenient time on the weekend.

Travel together.

Vacationing with old friends is a wonderful way to catch up and create even stronger bonds. Research shows that the happiness from purchasing a new possession (think new shoes or a handbag) fades quickly while the happiness from experiences (think of an adventure or seeing a new place) endures and can even grow over time as you and friends smile on old memories.

Eat with friends.

Breaking bread together is a fabulous way to catch-up in an intimate setting. Hosting a dinner party by inviting 5 or 6 friends over is also an excellent chance to connect folks together. A long, slow dinner is a great change of pace from the ever connected, 24/7 world we live in.

From my experience, the time I’ve invested in making new friends and strengthening old bonds has been well worth it. Personal fulfillment and professional success are reliant on making friends and keeping in touch. I trust that these five tips will help you too.

In Building Your Network Part 3, I will discuss the best practices in earning an internship.


Greg Nance

ChaseFuture CEO