Duke University vs. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill: More Than a Rivalry.

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Duke University vs. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill: More Than a Rivalry.

For many decades, Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, two schools separated by just 9 miles, have endured a long-standing rivalry. More-than-ever, students seem to come together for an intersection of unique classes, social events, art, and restaurants. I was able to take classes, go to sporting events, and even develop some of the strongest friendships of my life while journeying down the road to Duke.

UNC students often argue that they bleed Carolina Blue (that the sky is the perfect shade for a reason) and Duke students can argue that they are the "Ivy League of the South" sitting on beautiful campus filled with old-English architecture and a touch of Harry Potter. Both campuses have unique strengths that build the entire community that encompasses both student bodies. Students are told to avoid and venture 9 miles down the road to Duke’s West Campus. Stereotypes aside there is much more than just a chance to mingle with the "other" student.

There are restaurants and sporting events that have been great institutions to the college life experience, but the department sponsored parties and student social parties are where you can really see a lot of overlap. While each school offers some of the best classes in the country, it is the political or science debate that ensues, with a student down the way,  offering some of best experiential learning.

As freshman, students from each campus may be wary of journeying the few kilometers down the road, but trust me it is always worth it.

Rivalry aside, Duke and UNC have both excelled in many different areas, such as their state-of-the-art hospitals and libraries. New student-run events have set for perfect opportunity to show school pride, enjoy different exhibitions, and see how the other is making their college experience. The sport teams offer some of the most exciting nationally televised 2-hour events all year, professional or college. The two schools also collaborate by offering the Robertson Scholars program that allows student beneficiaries to take classes at both universities.

At the end of the day, it was not about whether which one was better, but how can they be used together to maximize the college experience.