Guide to Applying to Claremont Graduate University for a Master of Public Health (MPH)

Application Strategy

Guide to Applying to Claremont Graduate University for a Master of Public Health (MPH)

I. About the School

Claremont Graduate University (CGU) is situated in the city of Claremont, California. As one of two graduate schools that are part of the Claremont Colleges Consortium, it offers opportunities covering many different fields for those who want to partake in graduate study. Among these offerings is a Master of Public Health Program offered through its School of Community and Global Health, a program to which both domestic and international students may apply. Although the program is relatively new, the School of Community and Global Health has been growing dramatically in recent years in reputation, connections, and prestige. This article will serve as a guide to those interested in applying to the school’s MPH program.

II. First Steps

The first step any prospective CGU student must take is to decide what concentration to pursue. The school offers concentrations in Health Promotion and Education, Biostatistics, and Leadership and Management. Each of these three concentrations has its highlights, unique offerings, and concentration-specific requirements. Consequently, before applying one must be sure to think about which concentration best suits his/her career goals.

Once this decision is made, writing about these goals in the personal statement will be much easier. Another important step a prospective applicant can take is to think about what kind of internship or job he/she would be interested in pursuing. One great quality about the CGU MPH program is the 400-hour work experience requirement that is fulfilled through an internship of the student’s choosing (the school can also set a student up with an internship). There are many opportunities to work with a variety of populations, conditions, and public health issues throughout the inland empire and Los Angeles County, which creates for a very rewarding opportunity.

III. The Application

Claremont Graduate University’s Master of Public Health application is very standard compared to most other graduate schools. The requirements are listed on the CGU website, and include a personal statement, recommendation letters, undergraduate transcripts, GRE scores, etc.

For those who attend a Claremont school for undergraduate education, a fantastic opportunity exists. To these students, CGU offers a 4-1 program, which allows Claremont students to obtain a Masters (be it a MPH or MBA, for example) in one year of graduate study. 

For the vast majority who may not be attending a Claremont school for undergraduate, there is a dual MPH/MBA program offered through both the CGU School of Community and Global Health and the Drucker School of Management. This application has more requirements, but may be worth the look to those that would like to combine public health pursuits with management and/or business interests in only 2-3 years of study.

For those interested in either program, one key piece of advice would be to work on the personal statement. Claremont Graduate University’s School of Community and Global Health takes great interest in those students with diverse stories and interests. As public health incorporates many different backgrounds, interests, and policies, I would suggest students that wish to apply to the program to be sure to indicate their interests in public health in their personal statement and to talk about what issues they see in the world that could potentially be addressed through public health. If there are any faculty with whom prospective students would be interested in working, the suggestion would be to mention that in the personal statement.

Since the school is small, there are many opportunities for students to work with professors in research. The school accepts students on a rolling basis, so if it is in one’s interest to start at a particular time of year, the school is very flexible.

For more information, be sure to check out the school’s admissions website.