How to stay sane in college

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How to stay sane in college

Let’s face it; classes and homework aren't what make you jump out of bed in the morning. College is about learning and knowledge and all that, but everybody needs time to decompress. Something I've realized since graduating is that my most valuable lessons actually came from things I did outside of academics. Universities are full of brilliant people who all have interests outside of class— find a few clubs or activities you really enjoy (your campus will have a gazillion different clubs so the chances are pretty good), and spend some quality time with other people who love doing the same things. Many colleges have huge funds dedicated exclusively for student groups to throw events and feed their members. It’s also a great way to meet people outside of your major, since you’ll often go through courses with the same set of people for years.

Aside from student groups, a great way to escape from class is to spend some downtime with other students in your dorm. In college, you’re constantly surrounded with people but you can also still feel incredibly lonely. It’s tough to start your life in an entirely new place, often with complete strangers—luckily though, those strangers are people your age who are in the same situation. If you have a kitchen, cook dinner with your roommate! Or order in with everyone on your floor and watch a movie together. Your dorm is your home away from home, and having a second family right there with you is like having a safety net for those times when you might go just a little bit crazy.

If you’re working a part-time job during college, life can get pretty hectic. It does expand the network of people you can go out and have fun with afterward, though, and can be a great way to escape the college environment for a few hours. Find a mentor and really build a relationship with them. They’ll be able to offer a long-term perspective, which will be a breath of fresh air when you start getting bogged down with final projects and studying for exams.

Last but not least, make sure to find some you-time. Figure out the one thing you absolutely need to stay sane- running a few times a week, keeping up with your favorite show(s.. let’s be real), reading a good book, whatever floats your boat. Make sure you know what that thing is, and carve out some time no matter how much you have on your plate.