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Study Abroad at the University of Chicago

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make croissants in Paris, explore temples in New Delhi, study human evolution in Tanzania, learn about health and the environment in the Dominican Republic or see just how dark and cold a Russian winter can be?  The University of Chicago’s study abroad opportunities touch every corner of the globe, providing students with the chance to truly immerse themselves outside their comfort zone and deep in a foreign world. From South America to Europe, Southeast Asia to Africa and everywhere in between, UChicago students are invited and consistently encouraged to plan study abroad into their university experience.

If you are interested in further developing your language skills, UChicago can help you do that with the Summer International Travel Grants (SITG). The university offers approximately 100 SITG grants per year, generally to students who are ready for an intensive language study or research period abroad. Students who are interested solely in furthering their foreign language skills can apply for a Foreign Language Acquisition Grant (FLAG), a $3,000 USD award meant to defray the cost of intermediate or advanced language study abroad. FLAGs are generally awarded to students who have some background in their language of choice. Additionally, students who otherwise receive financial aid or scholarships for their academic endeavors at UChicago normally received the same financial assistance for study abroad programs, thus putting the opportunity to study abroad within reach of every student.

From a purely utilitarian perspective, study abroad provides students with the opportunity to study a specific subject in-depth, gain language skills or fulfill requirements. There are “Thematic Programs” in social sciences, astronomy, biology, British literature/history/culture, primates and human evolution, and mathematics, among other subjects. There are opportunities to enroll directly at partner institutions in the United Kingdom including King’s College London, LSE, Oxford University (St. Catherine’s College) Cambridge University (Trinity College) and Trinity College Dublin. One can also use Study Abroad to fulfill the core civilizations requirement. UChicago runs civilizations programs in in several European cities as well as Jerusalem, Cairo, Istanbul, Beijing, Pune and Oaxaca.

I spent winter quarter of my junior year studying abroad in Paris. I had studied Spanish for 6 years but I didn’t speak any French before I arrived; that was ok though, because I was in Paris to fulfill my Civilizations core requirement. I spent a quarter taking courses in English alongside French language classes offered at various levels to accommodate the prior knowledge of all students on the program. As a history major, I did not want to take a yearlong introductory-level history course (which is generally how one can think of the civilizations core) so I looked for opportunities to fulfill my civ requirement abroad. I applied to a few different programs and was given the chance to go to Paris. It turned out to be a pivotal life choice, seeing as I returned to Paris for graduate school.

Study abroad is a golden opportunity: UChicago offers more than 45 quarter – and year-long study abroad programs in 20 countries around the globe. Our world-renowned faculty teaches most of these courses - a key component of study abroad programming at the University that makes the UChicago experience both unique and coveted. For people hoping to complete multiple majors, studying abroad will take a little bit of planning but I promise you, it will be worthwhile. You may just fall in love with a city, a language or a discipline and build your future upon that experience. Nearly 50% of UChicago students participate in Study Abroad; will you be one of them?

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