10 Fun Facts About Dartmouth

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10 Fun Facts About Dartmouth

I graduated from Dartmouth College in 2011. There, I majored in Psychology and performed research in the Government and Education departments, and did a ton of other fun things, like play volleyball, lead an outdoor freshman year trip, join a fraternity, and swim in the Connecticut River every day of the summer! So, with experience and a real love for Dartmouth to back me up, here are 10 fun facts on my alma mater: 

1) Women in Science Program (WISP) 

Dartmouth was the first university to create a mentoring program specifically designed to provide undergraduate women the opportunity to perform research with a faculty member in their field of interest

The program was created to help boost the number of women pursuing STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). A number of social and psychological barriers continue to inhibit women from following these career paths, including the threat of stereotypes in and outside of the classroom. Thus, Dartmouth's WISP program has been innovating in its approach to supporting women join the leading ranks of STEM years before its competitors at even other Ivy League institutions. So, if you're a woman considering STEM, think of Dartmouth as your top choice! 

2) Smallest Ivy 

Dartmouth is the smallest school in the Ivy League, with just over 4,000 undergraduates and around 2,000 graduate students. This allows students to learn in small seminars so that they have the opportunity to truly engage with their professors and peers. The learning model is much more active than the traditional lecture hall in which students just sit silently and learn passively. Furthermore, first year writing courses and freshman seminars are limited to fifteen students, and upper level seminars are often limited to twenty students. This means lots of extra time with professors to earn some great recommendation letters.

4) The Literal Entertainment Network

Dartmouth's Film Society founded Telluride, a famous film festival that takes place in Colorado on an annual basis. The festival allows students to take a first step into the world of film! 

Recently, the Black Family Visual Arts Center completed construction of more studio space for students to shoot and produce films. The Center also includes software suites. Students studying the visual arts may now work with computer software used by industry professionals to create cutting-edge cgi (computer-generated images), fx (special effects), and animation. 

Need more inspiration than beautiful studio space? Recently, Dartmouth alums have been dominating the air waves. Comedy writer Mindy Kaling is the creator/writer/executive producer (ep) of Fox's "The Mindy Project," David Benioff is the creator/writer/ep of HBO's "Game of Thrones," and Shonda Rhimes is the creator/writer/ep of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal." All of them are, of course, Dartmouth alums! 

And, apparently, a new study abroad program for film was recently created in LA. Shonda Rhimes even hosted some students in a seminar style class! 

5) Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network (DEN) 

Are you a future entrepreneur? Then Dartmouth is the school for you. Dartmouth's new President Phillip Hanlon has invigorated the College's Entrepreneurial Network by investing college funds in the construction of an on-campus physical space where students can collaborate with their peers and alumni in order to execute their entrepreneurial visions. The network also helps to facilitate interdisciplinary learning by bringing together students and alumni from different academic disciplines. Most major cities have their own DEN chapters.

6) Famous Alumni

We've already talked about a few big names in entertainment, but one of my favorite Dartmouth alums is Mr. Rogers because we both hail from the same hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mr. Rogers started his own television program, "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood," because he thought the entertainment provided to children on television was garbage. Dr. Seuss also attended the college and wrote for the comedy club Jack-O. The medical school is now named after him. Robert Frost spent some considerable time in the wilderness before he ran away into the diverging woods.

7) D-Plan 

Instead of having two semesters, Dartmouth follows the D-Plan, which splits up the year into its four seasons. Students are asked to stay on campus the summer after their sophomore year and take classes, freeing up an entire fall, winter, or spring term for a job or internship. During these off terms, you can also apply for grants from the Tucker Foundation to do nonprofit work or from Career Services to do an internship in traditionally unpaid positions.

8) First-Year Trips 

Around ninety percent of freshman participate in the Outing Clubs first-year trips before freshman orientation. The Outing Club offers an array of activities, such as Whitewater Kayaking, Nature Writing, Canoeing, and Hiking. The trips take place on Dartmouth's land grants in New Hampshire's beautiful backdoor wilderness. Upperclassmen lead the trips to provide the freshman with sage advice and to entertain them before classes officially start.

9) Ski resort 

Dartmouth's NCAA championship-winning ski team has its very own mountain to practice on. The skiway is a mere fifteen minutes away and student tickets are only $15! The skiway's lodge was recently renovated, so it's a great day trip for a weekend getaway.

10) Study abroad

The College's Language Studies program (LSA) and Foreign Studies Program (FSP) are hallmarks of the undergraduate experience for nearly sixty percent of students. Visit a country and immerse yourself in a linguistic and cultural experience with your peers! The language programs are lauded as some of the best in the country, since they practice the renowned Rassias method.