The Sunday Ritual

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The Sunday Ritual

College students hate Sundays.  And for understandable reasons.  Switching gears from Friday and Saturday night shenanigans to Sunday studiousness and catch-up requires a daunting amount of mental energy which many students choose not to summon because lounging or snuggling with your Netflix account just sounds way better.  What results is a whole bunch of open loops that consciously or subconsciously nags you the entirety of the following week.

Setting a Sunday ritual is a great cure to this weekend epidemic.  Plant a stake in the ground with some morning routine that will reinvigorate you—and then get to work.  Doing so will set the bar high for the upcoming week and establish a tempo at which you get things done.  With this greater command of all your commitments, you’ll find yourself less stressed and, notably, with more time to catch up on your TV shows.

For me, singing as part of a church choir a good distance from campus provided me the mental clarity and change of scenery to refuel.  Below is a rough schedule of my senior year Sunday ritual:

7:30    wake up, shower,
8:30    grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s (less crowded in the morning)
9:30    choir rehearsal
11:00  church service
1:00    brunch (alone or w/ friends)
2:30    study

Depending on the number of other commitments I might have that day (say, a volunteer event or club meeting) and the coming week’s workload, I’d try to squeeze in a long run and some time for cleaning my room.  One caveat, however: the latter can easily turn into an excuse to not only put off work but stay cooped up in your room—so beware of the cleaning bug!

Obviously, you don’t have to wake up at 7:30am to take command of your upcoming week; nor do you have to attend some religious service.  There is no one way of ritualizing your Sundays.  Grease your intellectual engines with a crossword or walk in the park; kickstart your mental horsepower by writing or reviewing a few flashcards, or planning out your week ahead.  Making even just a little time for these will go a long way—and before you know it, you’ll be one of the few who sincerely looks forward to Sundays.