Tips for Students Seeking a Part-Time Job on Campus

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Tips for Students Seeking a Part-Time Job on Campus

There are many good reasons to get a job on campus, which range from acquiring additional income to developing professional experience or even contacts on campus. Regardless of the size or type of institution you attend, chances are that campus employment is available to students - the tricky part is finding the right position.

If you're eligible for Federal Work Study (FWS): You will have the MOST opportunities. Federal Work Study is a program that gives students the opportunity to receive funding for taking on part-time work, typically on campus. Qualifying students find out about their eligibility after applying for federal financial aid (with FAFSA). If you've qualified for FWS, then be sure to pay attention to opportunities geared specifically for you; many job posts will state this distinctly. The federal government tends to pay 2/3 of wages involved with work study, which makes students seeking work-study positions more favorable to departments and offices looking to hire.

Special tips for you:

  • Financial aid can help you. At the time you find out your FWS Eligible, you should follow up with your financial aid collegiate institution's office to ask what offices or departments on campus hire the most students under work study. This will help you narrow down top possible employers.
  • When you find a job: Discuss what happens to your wages carefully once you reach or come close to reaching your maximum award amount. While some departments may transition your payment to exclude partial support from the federal government, some departments may also reduce your hours.

Not Eligible for Work-Study?

Do not fret. There are many positions on campuses that are not dependent on FWS and many will be as particularly well-Paying. But, in some cases, not being FWS eligible means the department that hires you has to be willing to pay your full wage. So, what are some tips for you?

  • Target your Opportunities. Each school's online job board will be your best resource because they typically allow for you to filter your search results. Focus on positions and departments that from the beginning are welcoming and have the funds to accommodate you. You can find the online job board by talking to your School's Career Services, Financial Aid Office, or Student Activities Departments.
  • Direct contact. Submitting an application and waiting to hear back should not be your only strategy. Attend Fall and Spring student employment/job fairs for on-campus employment. Take initiative and ask for cards or speak with people at booths or directly at the department.

Ultimately, regardless of whether you're FWS or non-FWS eligible, you'll come to see that finding a job on campus will depend on postings and listings, which will come to you through job fairs, online job boards, e- mails, and even flyers on campus. Just keep an eye out.

And remember:

  • Your application can only be considered if it meets all requirements. The best thing you can do to get a job on campus is the documentation you need to bring proof your eligibility for legal employment, such as a social security card, copies of your visa information, etc.
  • You're a student first. There are many perks to working on campus. There is flexibility in your working hours, little to no travel time, and much when it comes sympathy from employers to giving you opportunities to learn and grow. Getting an offer can be exciting but remember to apply and pursue opportunities that will enhance - not hurt - your time as a student. Choose a place that has hours you can meet and has reasonable expectations. And, yes, wages can be a part of it.

Good luck! You're about to venture on a very fun adventure and opportunity for growth.