Lindsey McKeown

My Education

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

BA | Early Childhood Education

Lindsey is a teacher with a passion for International Education. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and after, went on to pursue teaching English as a Second Language, abroad. To build on the passion of International Education, Lindsey traveled through rural communities in South East Asia and developed community projects to provide educational resources to students in need. She strongly believes in providing all students, despite their socioeconomic status, the right to a proper education. She currently teaches English to students based in China, through an online learning platform. When she’s not teaching, she’s educating herself in the field of Health and Wellness, her second area of interest.

Q:  Why are you passionate about your academic field? When and how did you discover your love of your subject?  

I’m passionate about education because it’s truly the foundation of our lives. I love being able to provide the building blocks for students to not only find their potential, but use it the best way they can. My love for education started early on - through working with children and seeing what a difference I could make. My interest in the field only grew stronger when I moved abroad, and it was then that I realized I had a full blown passion for global education.

Q:  What are your three top recommendations for a student targeting a masters in your field? What if they are preparing to switch their major to your field?  

Q:  What are your top tips to showcase an applicant  

My biggest advice is to, as cliche as it sounds, follow your heart! To display your ultimate strength, you need to pursue a field that truly interests you. Your genuine passion in a subject will help prove your case on why you should be admitted. Also, do your research. Make sure you know the ins and outs of the program you are applying to. Knowing as much detail as possible, will prove to the Admissions Officers that you have done your homework and you are committed.

Q:  What are the common career paths for graduates in your field?  

After receiving an undergraduate in Education, there are a wide range of opportunities to choose from. If you choose to forego a Masters in Education, you can still pursue a successful career within the field. A lot of graduates go the teaching route, but if you aren’t keen on having your own classroom, you can go into school administration, curriculum design, or even work with Nonprofit Organizations.

Q:  What aspects of the campus culture are your favorites? Which aspects surprised you? Which would you change if you could?  

My favorite thing about campus culture is working alongside peers that are just as motivated and passionate. When I was completing my semester of student teaching, I didn’t only receive support from my professors and counselors, but I had support from my fellow classmates as well. We were all rooting for each other, and having the support really helped me through my program. I was pleasantly surprised at how well-rounded the curriculum was, I truly felt that every course I took was, and still is, extremely useful. I wouldn’t change a thing about my program or my career path!

Q:  How did you spend your summer vacation during university? Any advice for making the most of summer?  

I spent the majority of my summer vacation working and volunteering to build my resume and gain experience. I think it’s important to utilize your time off from school in a productive way, so finding something that will boost your experience, in your respective field, is key! Internships, community outreach projects, and part-time work shows that you are dedicated to your field. If you’re unsure what your major interests are or which internships/volunteer opportunities are going to push your career forward, my advice is to pick one thing that seems interesting to you and give it a shot. The best way to find out whether you like something or not, is to just try it. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a hidden strength!

Q:  What makes you smile? Share more on a favorite hobby.  

I love staying active and exploring the field of Health and Wellness. Learning about the connections between what I eat and how I feel is a huge area of interest for me. When I’m not working, I spend a lot of time outside or in the gym, listening to podcasts! I also love to travel and experience different cultures!

Q:  Why are you excited to mentor Dyad Scholars?  

It became very clear to me, when I was first deciding on a career path, that I was meant to help people in some way or another. I’ve made it my mission to help support students in achieving their goals and realizing their potential. I’m excited to mentor Dyad Scholars because I feel confident that professional background and eagerness to help, will truly add to their success. In addition, my values directly align with Dyad’s mission, which makes this even more fulfilling!