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Dyad brings digital counseling support to secondary schools around the world, pairing students with academic and career role models and multiplying college counselor efforts.

Increase your counseling satisfaction rate by 25%

  • Mentors are young leaders in students' target fields and can speak from personal experience about college and career.
  • The age gap between students and mentors less than 10 years, so students can relate in a way they never can with most teachers or parents.
  • Mentors and students connect anytime, anywhere online and through video calls.
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Dyad gave me the expert insight and confidence I needed to apply successfully. I’m now working in the U.S. to build a better understanding of foreign policy and am making progress on my dream to become a leader in China.

Dyad Scholar, Class of 2013

Henry Liu

Improve your admissions results

  • 37% of Dyad students gain admission to top 25 U.S. or top 10 UK universities.
  • With over 200 mentors from around the world, we have helped students uncover and launch into their target careers and universities in 23 different countries.
  • The Dyad App Tracker keeps students organized and uses artificial intelligence to send text and email reminders right when they need it.
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Cut your counseling budget by 40% or more

  • Our online model allows for drastically cheaper counseling support than additional hires, while also maintaining high quality.
  • Free up counselor time to build stronger relationships with universities, organize on-campus admissions activities, and support faculty knowledge and accreditation processes.
  • Cost is variable depending on the size of your class. Simply add or remove mentors when necessary. You don't need to worry about training, managing performance, hiring and firing. We take care of it for you.
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Mentor Advantages

A Role

Students are matched with mentors of similar interests and path. The age gap between students and mentors is less than 10 years, so students can relate in a way they never can with most teachers or parents.


Our Mentor Corps spans 18 different countries. Mentors have applied to and attended schools similar to each student’s targets in recent years.


Each mentor takes on no more than five students at once, so they are not overwhelmed during application high season.


Our App Tracker helps students organize all their applications in one place and receive automated texts and email reminders to keep track of deadlines.


Tracked and transparent agendas and follow-ups for parent and administration viewing anytime online.


Students and mentors connect online and through 1-on-1 videoconferences anytime, not only during the school day.

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