Dyad Careers

Digital Mentorship to Earn Your Dream Job

Expert Advice

Dyad connects you to expert mentors in your field for professional development. Our mentors are graduates of the world’s top universities and work in highly competitive fields, from scientific research to banking, consulting, technology and engineering.

Digital Platform

Dyad Careers connects you with a mentor online for face­to­face video consultations and digital workspace collaboration to produce a winning application.

Flexible Scheduling

Connect at your convenience. Schedule consultation calls or document reviews according to your availability.

Dyad Curriculum

Benefit from our industry knowledge with networking and professional development strategies that help you to identify, pursue and accept your dream job.

Winning Results

Our results are best-in-class. Every applicant will develop a winning application with a strong CV, cover letter and interview strategy.


You benefit not only from your mentor’s individual expertise, but our experience guiding over 1,700 students with a 98.7% satisfaction rate since 2012.

Benefits of Dyad Careers

Build your career with confidence.

Polished LinkedIn

All Dyad Career services include two 30-minute consultations on constructing a strong online profile to connect with recruiters.

CV and Cover Letter

Dyad Associate includes 4 rounds of revision for your CV and cover letter. Dyad Executive includes up to 16 rounds.


We will build your leadership skills and identify the best school activities and summer opportunities to develop your background and interests.

Evaluating and Negotiating

All Dyad Career services include two 30-minute consultations to review and discuss strategies for improving and accepting job offers.

Job Search + Application

Dyad Executive offers you 12 months of support through our innovative career development curriculum.

Career Development

Dyad Executive includes twelve 30-minute consultations to develop a comprehensive job search plan.

Building a Target
Firm List

Dyad Executive includes three 30-minute consultations to discuss and help you build a customized list of firms and openings.

Strategies to Earn
Professional References

Dyad Executive includes two 30-minute consultations to help you cultivate and request the best references for your application.


Contact to purchase
  • Single Job Application Mentorship
  • Polished LinkedIn Profile
  • CV and Cover Letter Review
  • Interview Preparation
  • Evaluating and Negotiating Offers


Contact to purchase
  • 1-year Job Search and Application Mentorship
  • Polished LinkedIn Profile
  • Network and Career Development Strategies
  • Building a Target Firm List
  • Strategies to Earn Professional References
  • CV and Cover Letter Outline and Review
  • Interview Preparation and Structured Feedback
  • Evaluating and Negotiating Offers

Dyad Careers

An integrated development plan for young professionals entering the workforce. For best results we recommend starting early.

What is Dyad Careers?

Dyad Careers maximizes your return on investment. We help you to identify your most important career goals and successfully apply for your dream job. Whether you are just beginning your job search or are currently applying, Dyad Careers equips you for success.

Who is Dyad Careers for?

Dyad Careers is ideal for students and young professionals targeting internships and full-time jobs in the country where they have studied abroad, or in multinational firms worldwide. We offer two great solutions: Dyad Associate for those who are currently applying, and Dyad Executive for long-term career mentorship, professional development, and application support. Dyad Executive is recommended for students in their final year of university or in graduate school.

How is Dyad Careers Structured?

Applicants are paired with Dyad Mentors who will guide you through the process of selecting firms within your industry, and making connections with professionals in your space via in-person networking, LinkedIn and your university. Mentors will also demystify the visa process for overseas careers and provide comprehensive support as you revise your CV and cover letter.

What is the outcome?

Applicants will develop a custom plan and sterling online profile. We will help you to develop the networking skills to find openings in your industry, and you will apply for these jobs with tailored and compelling materials. Your Dyad Mentor will train your interview skills so that you can secure an offer for your dream job. Dyad Careers helps you rise to the top of your industry.

Our Results

Dyad has helped clients launch their careers at Amazon, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Discover Financial Services, The Paulson Institute, the Washington D.C. Government, and PwC. See what we can do for you.

  • Henry was a 2013 Dyad Scholar and went on to graduate with a masters from UChicago’s Harris School of Public Policy.

  • 70 Acceptances

  • Tom was a 2014 Dyad Scholar and the first and only male in China to earn the Rhodes Scholarship.

  • In just 3 years, we’ve helped Dyad students earn $1,200,288 in scholarships!

  • 46 Acceptances

  • 98% of students have given Dyad a 4 or 5 star rating.

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