Dyad Transfer Admissions

Digital Mentorship to enter the world’s top universities

Expert Advice

Dyad connects you to expert mentors in your field for graduate application support. Our mentors are graduates of the world’s top universities and work in highly competitive fields, from scientific research to banking, consulting, technology and engineering.

Digital Platform

Dyad Transfer Admissions connects you with a mentor online for face­to­face video conferences and digital workspace collaboration to produce a winning application.

Flexible Scheduling

Connect at your convenience. Schedule consultation calls or document reviews according to your availability.

Dyad Curriculum

Benefit from our academic knowledge and admissions insight to develop strategies for acceptance at your target universities.

Winning Results

Our results are best-in-class. 630 Dyad Scholars have earned admission to a Top 25 university, including 135 in the Ivy League. You can view our results here.

Quality Assurance

You benefit not only from your mentor’s individual expertise, but our experience guiding over 1,700 students with a 98.7% satisfaction rate since 2012.

Benefits of Dyad Transfer Admissions

Find your proper place.


We provide a full academic assessment and access to the Dyad Curriculum with guidance from your mentor on how to maximize your academic profile before transferring.

Transfer Application Mentorship

Dyad Transfer Admissions offers one 30-minute consultation each month with your mentor from the day you purchase, plus 12 additional calls to use anytime you need extra help.

Building a Target
School List

We explore your reasons for transferring schools and help you find the best schools for your academic and social needs.

Comprehensive Application Strategy

We provide full application support for up to 5 universities. We identify the best universities for your background and interests.


Dyad will guide you through a detailed timeline of when and how to apply so that you stay ahead of schedule.

Personal Statement, CV and Document Review

A winning essay leads to a successful application. Dyad Transfer Admissions offers 24 rounds of document revision and feedback on your application essays, forms and other documents.


Contact to purchase
  • 1-Year Transfer Application Mentorship
  • Improving your Academic Profile
  • Extracurricular Development
  • Building a Target School List
  • Application Timeline and Deadline Management
  • Personal Statement Outline and Review
  • CV Outline and Review
  • Interview Preparation and Structured Feedback
  • Scholarship Support and Advice
  • Comparing University Acceptances

Dyad Transfer Admissions

Sometimes change is just what you need. The Dyad Curriculum can identify the best university for you. For best results we recommend starting early.

What is Dyad Transfer Admissions?

Dyad Transfer Admissions includes comprehensive application support for up to 5 universities. We help you to develop your background at your current school and identify the best universities for your interests. This includes developing a compelling personal statement and CV, enabling you to showcase your extracurricular activities and shine in your interview.

Who is Dyad Transfer Admissions for?

Dyad Graduate Admissions is for confident, self­motivated undergraduate students whose current university is not the ideal fit. Our services are delivered primarily in English, although customer support is available in Chinese. For students with specific needs and upcoming deadlines, contact us for more information about custom options.

What is the outcome?

Our results are best­in­class. 630 Dyad Scholars have earned admission to a Top 25 university, including 135 in the Ivy League. You can view our results here.

Our Results

Dyad has helped clients launch their careers at Amazon, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Discover Financial Services, The Paulson Institute, the Washington D.C. Government, and PwC. See what we can do for you.

  • Henry was a 2013 Dyad Scholar and went on to graduate with a masters from UChicago’s Harris School of Public Policy.

  • 70 Acceptances

  • Tom was a 2014 Dyad Scholar and the first and only male in China to earn the Rhodes Scholarship.

  • In just 3 years, we’ve helped Dyad students earn $1,200,288 in scholarships!

  • 46 Acceptances

  • 98% of students have given Dyad a 4 or 5 star rating.

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