Announcing ChaseFuture's Lecture Tour in China

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Announcing ChaseFuture's Lecture Tour in China

For a generation "study abroad agencies" have exploited Chinese university applicants through misinformation and fraudulent practices, convincing students to pay thousands of dollars for assurances of admission that rarely materialize. Many of these firms prey on the apprehension and anxiety of applicants and their parents to close sales. The "study abroad agencies" plagiarize personal statements, doctor transcripts and test scores while faking recommendation letters. Unfortunately, unethical firms continue exploiting students and employing these fraudulent practices. I have spoken to dozens of students that were assured with grand promises by these agencies only to be disappointed by the process and results.

ChaseFuture is providing an ethical and effective alternative.

Today the ChaseFuture team is excited to launch our 2013 National Roadshow, a lecture tour of Chinese high schools and universities to bring free insights and expert resources to students. In the next month we will be visiting schools and meeting students in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou , Wuhan and Nanjing.

This is a great opportunity for our team to answer questions and share international education opportunities with motivated students. During our travels we will also help jumpstart Dare to Ask Study Abroad Clubs where students interested in overseas education can make friends, set goals, host events and connect with foreign students and resources.

ChaseFuture's 2013 National Roadshow is a wonderful opportunity for us to make an impact so we're investing resources and man (and lady) power Here's a roster of our speakers!:

Jordan Phillips , ChaseFuture's Operations Director and a Bachelors and masters UChicago alumni, Provides Insights on Applying to graduate School.

Han Shao , ChaseFuture's co-Founder & CFO, Shares his Experiences Studying in China and at Cambridge.

Ardevan Yaghoubi , ChaseFuture's VP of Strategy and an Oxford masters Candidate, details How he Earned the Fulbright Scholarship.

Anh Hoang , ChaseFuture's Communications Director and a University of Texas alumna, Provides Insights on How to Balance academics and campus Leadership.

Greg Nance , ChaseFuture's co-Founder & CEO (me :-)), Explains How he Earned a full Scholarship to Cambridge.

For over a year, ChaseFuture has been changing how students apply to university by connecting applicants to reliable information, expert mentors, and scholarships at their target universities. Our how-to blog and video tutorials have helped over 50,000 students apply to university.

ChaseFuture is on a mission to Expand University Access.

It's always day one. Let's get started.


Greg Nance

ChaseFuture CEO