ChaseFuture's Vision and Top Priorities

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ChaseFuture's Vision and Top Priorities

Yesterday we convened the inaugural ChaseFuture Board Meeting and had a phenomenal discussion. The Board's role is to ensure strategic alignment between our resources, vision and mission.

As ChaseFuture's Board Chairman, I want to provide a summary of the meeting.

We began by documenting our mission to Expand University Access by connecting applicants with information, resources and mentors at their target universities. We reaffirmed our vision to become the leading global admissions consulting and career preparation platform.

We then brainstormed the necessary steps for substantial progress in the second half of 2013. We narrowed it down to four key areas that will be top priorities for our management team.

(1) We aim to expand ChaseFuture's Strategy Consultants (Our admissions mentors) to 100 Experts from the world's Top Universities by September 1 st . Our Strategy Consultants Provide applicants with admissions guidance, Essay edits, resume Building, interview Prep, and Scholarship advice. Building our team to 100 will enable ChaseFuture to dramatically increase our positive impact.

(2) We aim for 100% satisfaction for our users and clients in the coming year. During our organization's first 10 months, we've maintained 99% satisfaction levels but we always seek to improve the quality of our work. We'll focus on continually improving our training methods and student resources to reach our 100% satisfaction goal.

(3) We aim to Increase Our blog and video output to reach 250 Posts Tutorial by September 1 st . These admissions will REMAIN Free Resources Because we Believe in the Power of Reliable Information to empower students and expand university Access.

(4) We aim to Build Our Online community to 100,000 by September 1 st . Insights We Share Our admissions over a Variety of social Networks to Positively impact as many students as Possible. Help Our mission to reach U.S. University Expand Access by spreading the Word on ChaseFuture and our work.

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Improving educational opportunity and empowering youth are the great callings in my life. It is enormously inspiring to work with so many talented and similarly motivated leaders on the ChaseFuture team. As our organization grows, we will remember our commitment to always put people first, and to relentlessly pursue our global vision with integrity.

The challenges before us are immense - no team has ever created a truly global admissions consulting and career prep platform - but it is truly exciting to have increased clarity on the path ahead.

Email me Anytime with Questions or suggestions: .

Thank you for taking part as we build a great organization together.


Greg Nance


Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO