How to Appeal Your Financial Aid Award

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How to Appeal Your Financial Aid Award

There are 4 purposes to emailing the financial aid office: (1) demonstrate that current funding is insufficient; (2) show that you have other compelling options; (3) inquire about additional funding opportunities; (4) politely request additional funding.

A concise and direct email to the financial aid office signals that you are a thoughtful and professional candidate.

Below is the email I wrote to UChicago’s financial aid office that earned me a sizable scholarship + grant package that enabled me to attend. You can use it as a template to get started in contacting the financial aid office at your target university.

Financial Aid Appeal Email Template
Subject: Greg Nance Financial Aid Appeal
Email Text:
University of Chicago
Office of Financial Aid

Mrs. Reyes,
My name is Greg Nance (applicant #9481). I am a recently admitted student from Seattle. I have just received my official financial aid offer from your office. The letter states that I am eligible for a variety of Stafford and Perkins loans in addition to three grants and a small scholarship from the university.

Unfortunately, this offer package is insufficient. UChicago’s tuition payments will create financial hardship for my family as documented in the attached letter where I detail our revised family income profile.

Though UChicago is my first choice, I will be unable to attend under the current financial aid offering. I have received an appointment from President Bush to the United States Military Academy at West Point, which will provide an excellent education without expense to my family.

I am writing to inquire about funding opportunities and to kindly request additional aid to make my dream of studying at UChicago a reality. I have four questions:
[a] Any additional university grants I can be considered for?
[b] Merit or need-based awards I may be eligible for?
[c] Any scholarships for student-athletes or residents of Washington State?
[d] What are the lowest annual interest rate loan opportunities?

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Very respectfully,
Greg Nance

Greg Nance
ChaseFuture CEO