Inside the Admissions Office: An Introduction (pt. 1)

Inside the Admissions Office

Inside the Admissions Office: An Introduction (pt. 1)

Hello! My name is Evan Cudworth, and over the next few months I'll be your tour guide “inside” the Admissions Office. After graduating from the University of Chicago, I spent the past five years reading close to 10,000 applications and interviewing hundreds of students as an admissions officer for UChicago. Utilizing a background in theater and improvisational comedy, I hosted over two dozen essay workshops and case studies programs at top high school programs across the US, and was a featured panelist for regional and international admissions conferences.

I now operate Cudworth//Consulting, a personal firm that helps students prepare for the admissions process and I've decided to partner with ChaseFuture because they value integrity and holistic mentoring that is in the best interest for international students.

You've probably got your eyes set on attending an American university, and might be wondering what it really takes to gain admission. Here's two things that might come as a surprise: there is not a perfect formula to admissions success, and there is no such thing as the “best” school in America. Each college or university has a distinct culture and is comprised of smaller programs, or majors. Just because one is ranked higher than another doesn't necessarily mean it is a school at which you should apply. For example, did you know that almost none of the “top” schools in America offer pure finance programs for undergraduates? Instead, students work within a liberal arts college and take classes in Economics, Public Policy, or International Studies.

However, with guidance from ChaseFuture’s mentors you can find a program that will be a great fit for you. And I could give one piece of advice for students considering applying to American schools, it’s do your research. Don’t rely on rankings alone to make your decision, or you will inevitably end up misinformed and disappointed. However, you will discover that there are a wide variety of excellent schools, most of which you have not heard of with excellent programs for international students that will put you on that path to success in your field.

So stay tuned over the coming weeks, as I take you Inside the Admissions Office, where we'll explore topics such as:

  • What is the decision making process like? What happens between submitting your application and receiving your decision?
  • What does “applying early” mean? Is it an advantage?
  • Why aren't admissions about a simple test? Why all this fuzzy stuff about leadership and extracurricular activities?
  • What kinds of interaction with an admissions office are helpful? Should I go to events? Will it give me an advantage?
  • What's the key to a good application essay?
  • How much do admissions offices know about how Chinese admissions agencies work? Why is it so important that you write your own essays?