Make Yourself Known

Academic Guidance

Make Yourself Known

One of the most important goals you should have while an undergraduate is to make yourself known.  No matter what you want to do after graduation, it is often who you know which will matter as much as what you know.

So, start talking. Talk to your professors, your peers, university staff, and current graduate students. Ask questions and express your interest in certain topics. It is never too early to start talking about your next steps.  Talking about your post-graduation plans will let you learn from the experiences of others who will often offer invaluable advice about how to make your goals a reality.

It is never too early to start forming these relationships. Not only are they essential for when you need reference letters, which most graduate programs and jobs require, but you may also benefit from their personal connections and networks. You should not underestimate the power of a personal recommendation when applying for a summer internship, graduate program, or job.

Be genuine in your approach but push yourself to start talking to those around you, especially to people who are in fields that you might want to get into. You never know how they might be willing to help you reach your goals and you will learn insider information along the way.